UoP and UNLP visiting Langage Farm

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On 26 September 2017, the RUC-APS team from University of Plymouth (Shaofeng Liu, Lynne Butel, Huilan Chen & Guoqing Zhao) and from National University of La Plata (Susana Gamboa) visited Langage Farm. The Director of the Langage Farm, Paul Winterton, met with RUC-APS team and gave the visitors a wonderful tour around the Farm and its Anaerobic Digestery (AD) facility generating electricity from food waste which supplies the Farm and Dairy with its energy needs. The RUC-APS team are delighted by the Langage Farm’s sustainable, closed-loop agricultural production system (the eco-system includes dairy farm, dairy products manufacturing and AD system). For more details about the eco-system, please visit Langage Farm’s website.

Shaofeng Liu, Paul Winterton, Susana Gamboa, Lynne Butel, Huilan Chen