RUC-APS @ the MSCA Artificial Intelligence Cluster for H2020 impact & research panels

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University of Liverpool Management School Academic, Dr. Jorge Hernandez, invited as a keynote in on December in Brussels, 10.12.2019, to reveal current result from the H2020 Cross-Faculty RUC-APS project he leads.

Dr. Jorge Hernandez, Senior Lecturer in Operations & Supply Chain Management, presented some of his high-impact research outcomes under the title of Understanding and Gathering Decision-Making Challenges in EU Agri-Food Systems with Uncertain Regulations (summary available here). This work is in line with the RUC-APS and the Multi-Criteria Decision-Making models under development.

The research work was presented at the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions – Artificial Intelligence Cluster for H2020 impact & research panels, with more than 100 participants attending the event. The RUC-APS project was selected for this opportunity due to its current relevant results on decision-making in modelling based on international real-life agri-food value chain cases. In this particular case, and by considering inputs from more than 150 agri-food stakeholders from UK, Spain, Italy, Chile and Argentina, key agri-food value chain decision-making strategies were dimensioned to study and analyse new sets of national agri-food policies and regulations in each region. This work is aligned with the current RUC-APS IMPACT case under development which is also supporting the LAM IMPACT case in collaboration with Prof. Andy Lyons and Dr. Hossein Sharifi. It has revealed that agri-food regions prioritise different aspects due to their national regulations but similarities across regions are also depicted, especially in terms of introducing agri-food production to more stable markets and to promote reliable access to up-to-date agri-food information that, in practical terms, will enhance agri-food assessment services and the collaboration across agri-food stakeholders. The next RUC-APS project workshop will be held in May 2020 at the Britany Developing Innovation Agency in France, where main results and demonstrative outcomes will be presented to the International Agri-food Community.