Integrate Agri-Food Productions Into Global Climate Change Challenges


When: 26/05/2020 – 5pm (CET)
Where: In Zoom (following this link, or with the meeting ID and password)

Meeting ID: 919 2120 7433
Password: Y4@RUCAPS

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EliElizabeth Kehr

Elizabeth Kehr, MS Agricultural Engineer, INIA Carillanca Regional Director and horticulture researcher, in Temuco, Chile. Coordinator of the INIA Gore Horticulture Project “Improving the competitiveness of the horticultural sector with the purpose of transforming the region into the supplier of vegetables for the south”, Project coordinator and administrator of the platform

ArturoArturo Caponero

Head of Integrated Pest Management Services (Technical assistance, stewardship, and dissemination) of Agricultural Development Agency of the Basilicata Region, Italy.

JonathanProf. Jonathan Rushton

Jonathan Rushton is an agricultural economist who specialises in the economics of animal health and food systems. He leads a University Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Food Systems ( and is part of the N8 Agrifood programme (

nicolaDr. Nicola Calabrese

Researcher; CNR – Institute of Sciences of Food Production; Bari, Italy

Sustainable farming techniques to produce vegetables for fresh market and processing.

Vegetable post-harvest and processing technologies. Quality evaluation and panel test. Vegetable supply chain.

sebDr. Sebastian Elgueta

Sebastian Elgueta is a Researcher and Head of the Laboratory of Pesticide Residues and Environment at Agricultural Research Institute INIA, Centre La Platina Santiago-Chile where he has been working since 2016

SusanaSusana Gamboa

Professor in Horticulture and Floriculture in the Faculty of Agricultural and Forestry Science, National University of La Plata (UNLP). Researcher on sustainable plant protection technologies on vegetables to ensure healthy and safe food, strongly linked to the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices in horticulture in the region.

MarianaMariana del Pino

Agronomist Engineer, Master Science in Horticulture. Professor in Horticulture in the Faculty of Agricultural and Forestry Science, National University of La Plata. Teaching activities, works and researches dedicated to the promotion and implementation of Good Agricultural Practices in local peri-urban horticulture, Organic Agriculture, quality assurance systems, promotion of Integrated Pest Management in horticultural crops and the promotion of food self-sustainability in vulnerable peri-urban neighbourhoods in the region.

EmilioEmilio Ruz

Head of International Affairs Unit of INIA Chile, Director of Regional Research Centre INIA La Platina. Soil scientist with experience in nutrient cycling and fertilization in crop and pasture rotations. In recent years, working in managing research centres and organization of public-private consortiums for agricultural research and development programs in Latin America.

JavierJavier Lahuerta

Graduated in Political Science and Management. He is a youth European projects coordinator with experience in several public and private organisations in Spain and Belgium. Nowadays Mr Lahuerta is in charge of promoting innovation and development and managing projects in FEDACOVA for the agri-food sector.

jorge-hernandezDr. Jorge Hernandez

Associate Professor in Operations & Supply Chain Management, expert in modelling and simulation, skills highly required by industry from a variety of sectors. Is a principal Investigator and Project Coordinator of H2020 RUC-APS and N8 SIMULAGRIT, which are oriented to model the key decision-making processes in international agri-food system considering effect of uncertainties in climate and regulations, which are expected to lead to high IMPACT in Agri-Food policy making.