Online Organisational Agility Assessment Tool

By the University of Liverpool AGILITY CENTRE

Uncertainty is a major cause for business to fail or not grow as they should. No matter where in the world you are or which industry you work in “Change and Uncertainty” are now realties of life which are increasing at a very fast pace.

Organisational AGILITY is the approach for facing such circumstances through continuous adaptation, transformation and improvement.The Agility Centre has devised an Online Assessment Model and Tool to assist businesses in this approach. Application of the model will help you achieving a clear view of the potential problem posed by change and uncertainties your business face, and offer ideas of action to overcome them.

The following video provides an overview of the Online Assessment Model and Tool.

Moreover, the tool is available on-line for evaluation purposes. Use the “Register” link on the top-right corner to create your account. Then, follow the steps in the next diagram to explore the tool.

If you wish to know more, or if you wish to share feedback with us, please use the comments box below.

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