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UoP and UNLP visiting Langage Farm

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On 26 September 2017, the RUC-APS team from University of Plymouth (Shaofeng Liu, Lynne Butel, Huilan Chen & Guoqing Zhao) and from National University of La Plata (Susana Gamboa) visited Langage Farm. The Director of the Langage Farm, Paul Winterton, met with RUC-APS team and gave the visitors a wonderful tour around the Farm and its Anaerobic Digestery (AD) facility generating electricity from food waste which supplies the Farm and Dairy with its energy needs. The RUC-APS team are delighted by the Langage Farm’s sustainable, closed-loop agricultural production system (the eco-system includes dairy farm, dairy products manufacturing and AD system). For more details about the eco-system, please visit Langage Farm’s website.

Shaofeng Liu, Paul Winterton, Susana Gamboa, Lynne Butel, Huilan Chen

The use of glossaries in early phases of software development

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September 13th, 2018

As part of his secondment to University of Toulouse, professor Leandro Antonelli from the National University of La Plata, offered a teaching session on the use of glossaries in early phases of software development.

Requirements engineering is a critical stage in software development. It is one of the first stages, and its main product, the definition of the requirements, it is used to plan the software project. Thus, any mistake in requirements has a negative impact on time, cost, and client satisfaction. Therefore, it is necessary to produce a specification as complete and correct as possible, to reduce further consequences. The talk presents scenarios and a structured glossary to write it (Language Extended Lexicon).

Researcher from the National University of La Plata (Argentina) visits LEAF

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As part of his RUC-APS research stay at the University of Liverpool, Alejandro Fernández (researcher from the Faculty of Informatics at the National University of La Plata) visited LEAF. The maim goal of the visit was to learn about LEAF’s approach towards sustainable farming. Meeting topics included LEAF’s IMF wheel (Integrated Farm Management method), and the role if information technologies in informed, participative decision making. The visit was also key to plan follow-up activities by both organisations. Such activities will take place during a visit that LEAF members will conduct in La Plata, in November this year.

Alejandro Fernandez (UNLP, Argentina) visits LEAF (UK)

RUC-APS at the Buenos Aires CONCYT

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CONCYT is the International Scientific and Technologic Congress of the Buenos Aires Province (Argentina). It is organised by the Scientific Research Commission (CIC) of the Buenos Aires province. Researchers, entrepreneurs, government representatives, and the general public attend CONCYT every year to learn about the advances produced by the many research centres that constitute the CIC. This year, the National University of Quilmes hosts the fourth edition of CONCYT.

The CIC associated research centre LIFIA of the University of La Plata (UNLP), participated in CONCYT. RUC-APS was one of the central projects presented by LIFIA. Being the Buenos Aires province one of the principal locations for Argentinean agriculture, this congress represented an important opportunity for RUC-APS to raise awareness about its proposals to deal with Risk and Uncertainty in Agriculture.

RUC-APS at the CONCYT congress

The banner (pdf) is available for download from the following link:


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27th June 2017



AVN_6220 copia(2)
Carlos Blanco (INIA-CHILE), Raquel Almarcha (AINIA-SPAIN), Mareva Alemany (UPV-SPAIN), Ana Esteso (UPV-SPAIN), Cecile Sauvage (FEDACOVA-SPAIN), Jorge Hernandez (ULIV-UK), Sebastian Elgueta (INIA-CHILE), Emanuele Scalcione (ALSIA-ITALY), Juan Pablo Manzur (INIA-CHILE), Carmelo Menone (ALSIA-ITALY)


What happens when agricultural production is greater or less than expected or when the quality of the product is manifestly deficient?. These are some of the questions that were intended to be covered in this multidisciplinary RUC-APS project H2020 that seeks to innovate in the generation of solutions to the problems arising from the uncertainty in the value chain of the International agriculture. The meeting was held at the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) on June 27th, 2017.

Dr. Jorge Hernandez, RUC-APS project coordinator from the University of Liverpool says:…

….”The concept of Agri-food value chain is certainly not new, but the uncertainties linked to this environment, such as climate, economy, technology, make it difficult to manage. Therefore, there is still a great challenge on how a validated international framework can be conceived, but also how to make it understandable and usable for every Agri-Food stakeholders, especially by farmers, who are the main drivers nowadays of the food we consume and who are facing the most o the uncertainties”…


Dra. Maria del Mar Eva Alemany, UPV Institutional lider, and WP8 lider says:…

….”Many times the obtained harvested crops are not what they were planned, neither in terms of quantity nor in quality, and while the market demand continues requesting a high variety of products, the key issue still remains on how linking both supply and demand so that waste and cost can be minimised as much as possible“….

More information available at:

Europa Press (agencia de noticias):

El Periodic:

La Vanguardia:

20 minutos:

La información:

Gente digital:

El economista:

RUC-APS Consortium thanks the UPV News Team for this note: Ángela Argilés Herrero and Ma Luisa Herrero Lara

Researchers UPV visit BDI

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Llanos Cuenca and Andres Boza from UPV visit BDI
Llanos Cuenca and Andres Boza from UPV visit BDI (Photo taken at Terre d’Essais)

As part of the Rucaps European program based on the exchange of expertise, Bretagne Développement Innovation welcomed two Spanish researchers. Llanos Cuenca and Andres Boza are both specialized in mathematical modelisation. After being welcomed by Guillaume Rostoll (CEO of Terre d’Essais), they visited the organic vegetable experimental station of Pleumeur-Gautier on June 15th. The aim of the visit was to analyze the vegetable value chain and propose modelisation tools to limit farmers’ risk-taking. A new European project could come up from this initial contact.

Researchers from UoP, FEDACOVA, AINIA, and BDI visit AVA-ASAJA

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On May 4th, 2017, researchers from the University of Plymouth, FEDACOVA, AINIA, and Bretagne Development Innovation visited the offices of VA-ASAJA (Asociación Valenciana de Agricultores) to learn about its key rol defending the interests of valencian farmers at the local, national and European level. Read more here (in Spanish).

Researchers from UoP, FEDACOVA, AINIA, and BDI visit AVA-ASAJA

ULMS welcomes BDI

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Emilie Faucheux and Sébastien Châble from Bretagne Développement Innovation (BDI), have been at the University of Liverpool Management School on a secondment, participating in the multidisciplinary H2020 project RUC-APS lead by Dr Jorge Hernandez.

Read more…


RUC-APS at the Silicon Valley Forum

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On April 6th 2017, María Teresa Pino from INIA (Chile) was invited as a panelist at the Silicon Valley Forum 2017 by the Office of Outreach and Partnerships (ORP) of the Interamerican Deployment bank IDB USA.

The panel was part of the AgTech conference: “The Seeds of Our Future: AgTech and the Connected World”. Panelists and speakers discussed the changes, challenges, and opportunities taking place in the global AgTech community, and examined innovations in agriculture from all over the world. See more at:

The presentation can be downloaded from the Communication Material section of this web-site.

Maria Teresa Pino at the Silicon Valley Forum 2017

University of Valencia visits LEAF

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Representatives from the University of Valencia recently visited LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) in the UK, as part of the RUC-APS project. More information…

RUC-APS starts

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October the 2rd, 2016, marks the official start of RUC-APS. From now on, you will find regular updates on these pages, as well as content produced by the project.

Visit the project’s facts sheet to get an overview. Visit the consortium page to learn who we are, or the objectives page to know what we aim at.

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Stay tuned!

RUC-APS presented at ICDSST-2016 in Plymouth

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ICDSST is the International Conference on Decision Support Systems Technologies. The 2016 edition of the conference took place at the  University of Plymouth, UK, during the period of 23-25 May 2016.

During the “EU Funding Panel”, Prof. Shaofeng Liu (Plymouth-UK), Prof. Pascale Zarate (UT1-FR), Dr. Jorge Hernandez (ULMS-UK), presented RUC_APS.