Knowledge mobilisation model for agri-food value chains

a demonstrator by University of Plymouth, UK in collaboration with INIA, Chile

This demonstration is to illustrate a knowledge mobilisation model focusing on crossing knowledge boundaries in the context of agri-food value chains. The main activities and knowledge stakeholders are shown in the following Figure.

The implementation of the knowledge mobilisation model consists of 8 easy to follow steps:
1. Identify your position in the agri-food value chain.
2. Identify with whom in the chain do you share knowledge?
3. What knowledge is shared with whom?
4. Where do knowledge boundaries exist?
5. Identify the types of knowledge boundaries.
6. Propose boundary-crossing mechanisms.
7. Identify resources required for the knowledge sharing.
8. Impact assessment (i.e. economic benefits, social benefits, operations efficicncy etc).

Video about the knowledge mobilisation model (live commentary in English):

If you wish to know more, or if you wish to share feedback with us, please use the comments box below.

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