Workshop invitation

It is our pleasure to invite you to participate in the International RUC-APS Workshop “Enhancing and Implementing Knowledge Based ICT Solutions within High Risk and Uncertain Conditions for Agriculture Production Systems”, sponsored by the European International H2020 Research Program as part of the RUC-APS project. The workshop will be held online as a series of interactive seminars and presentations from May 12th to May 29th 2020.

The workshop is intended to discuss issues relating to identifying, mapping, modelling, simulating and proposing novel methodologies and functional technology platforms for the Agri-Food sector in Europe and South America.

This international workshop will bring together EU and international representatives from industry, civil society, public authorities and research as well as agri-food agencies and international leading experts to explore and discuss opportunities and strengths relating to the current state and future of the international agri-food sector, within a European focus.

More specifically, it will look at potential solutions along the agri-food value chain from agriculture productions systems in the horticulture and fruit sector. The workshop will also identify how economies and industries, in particular the fresh consumption sector, can be best supported to meet the challenge of enhancing agri-food supply chain collaborations in relation to the dynamic adaption to key sources of uncertainty, such as climate change and regulations.

An important aim of this workshop is to offer networking opportunities and foster debate among the 100+ participants and experts from all over Europe and South America. Through your participation, you can help the project further explore developing issues and feed into to the wider agri-food value chain under uncertainty debate.

Conference admission is free of charge and we very much hope that you are interested to participate. For registration to the conference, please fill in and submit the online here. You will receive a confirmation within a few days of your registration. Official Attendance Certificate will be provided after the event.

The agenda for the workshop is available here.

We very much look forward seeing you this May in this novel and unique international event!

Kind regards,

Dr Jorge Hernandez
H2020 RUC-APS Project Coordinator/PI
University of Liverpool Management School, UK